Air Compressor Accessories

An air compressor is not a single unit. Rather, it is a combination of various accessories that come together to make it work. Stores that sell air compressors will also sell accessories. Despite the availability of several different type of air compressors, most of the accessories are compatible with all compressors.

Let us quickly run you through the major accessories that you may end up buying along with your air compressor unit.

  • Power
  • Filtration
  • Tanks
  • Kits and Tools
  • Others

Power components allow the compressor to get the energy to run and compress air. You will find items such as cords, battery based chargers, fuel cells, gas cans and pumps. Air compress need to get air before they can compress it to build pressure.

The air that enters the compressor must be free from particles and that is where filtration components come into the picture. Components that are part of this category are air filters, line filters and air dryers.

Tanks are an important accessory when you have to work in scenarios where there is no power supply. Depending on your need, you may wish to opt for tanks that are available in sizes of five and ten gallons.

Compressors come with a lot of accessories and there is a lot of fitting work that needs to be done to have it setup. For such purposes you will need air compressor kits which are simply a tool kit with the collection of tools that are specifically designed for use with compressors.

Related to kits are tools which are individual items that are found inside a tool kit. Some may find an entire tool kit unnecessary. Such folks can opt to buy individual tools to go with their compressor.

Lastly, there are some miscellaneous items that do not fall under any particular category like Oil, sealant and other compressor parts.