Air Compressor Filter

An easy comparison that can made to the air compressor that we use at our homes are the lungs which power our body. In many ways, human lungs are the world’s most advanced, natural air compressor. We breathe in air through our nose, our lungs process it and the used air is sent out through the nose.

An air compressor takes in air through the inlet, compresses it and then that powerful air is pushed at high energy to get air tools running. Just like how we would cough or have difficulty breathing if the air is dusty and filled with solid particles, the compressor would find it difficult to function properly. Further, the bad air quality can affect the tools that are driven by the compressor as well.

An effective of combating this particular problem and all the consequences which come with it is to use air filters. Air filters have tiny pores which block anything that is larger than air from entering the compressor. This way, no matter how dirty is the air in the environment that compressor finds itself working, the filters will ensure that the air is always clean.

An important factor related to air filters is that they will need to be replaced on a regular basis. Not doing so will hurt the efficiency of your compressor in the short term and damage it completely in the long run. This is why, it is advised to stock up on air filters as well an air compressor tool kit to allow you to replace the air filter yourself. While it is possible to get air filters replaced from the nearest service centre, seeing how this is something that will need to be done regularly, it would be a good idea to get the necessary equipment and learn how to do it yourself.