Air Compressor Hose

The air hose, as the name indicates, is what transfers the air from the pressurized tank to the destination, which could be a tyre or an air based tool. The hose is one of those accessories which are multiple companies and you have so many options when it comes to buying. There are two separate set of properties you are looking when investigating the hose for your compressor.

Since the hose is constantly being moved around and is more susceptible to wear and tear, you will buying replacement hoses all the time.

The first set of properties to worried are the physical dimensions like weight, length, overall size of the pipe and the diameter of the hose itself. In most cases, the inner diameter is standard across compressors so the eventually decision making comes to the length and the weight. If you have a portable compressor, keeping with that theme opt for a light weight hose. If you have a stationary air compressor, find the thickest and most durable hose with no consideration whatsoever for the weight.

The second set of properties to concern yourself include air pressure handling capacity, resistance to oil and burst safety factor. We would definitely ask you to ensure that any hose you purchase has at least four to one air pressure to the burst factor rating. The higher is the ratio, the more safe is the hose. If you are using oil based compressor, then yes, that becomes an important factor. Or else, you can ignore it, though it doesn’t hurt to have an oil resistant hose.

Finally, you should look up the maximum pressure the hose can handle. It should obviously match with the minimum recommended pressure rating as mentioned by your air compressor model. The maximum pressure that a hose can handle will increase with price.