Air Compressor Pump

An air compressor drives your air based tools. What drives the air compressor itself? That’s the air compressor pump. The main reason why air compressors work is because of their ability to give out air that is moving at a high speed, allowing you to perform a variety of functions from fixing bolts to filling tyres of your car.

For the air to come out at high pressure, it needs to store at high pressure in an air tank. That job of pushing air into the tank is what is done by the pump.

Oddly enough, there are several different technologies on which air pumps are based upon, but they belong one of the two categories:

  • Positive Displacement Pumps
  • Dynamic Pumps

Within each category of pumps, there are even more categories pumps based on minor design changes. For some reason, there seem to be a lot of different types of pumps and we are not talking just about the brand names. We could bore you by going into the physics and background working of all these pumps but that would not interest you in any way.

The actual choice of what air compressor you should bring home depends on the sort of energy requirement you have for your air based tools. It also depends on whether or not you want an air compressor that is portable. The amount of noise that a particular compressor and hence, the pump generates. It is these factors that you should concern yourself with while choosing an air compressor pump.

When you get down to purchasing a pump, the various types rarely make a difference, to a regular, home user. All you want is a pump that works the way you want and helps you go about meeting your household air tools requirement in a simple and cost effective way.