Air Compressor Tank

The air compressor tank along with the pump, form of the core of an air compressor unit. What does a tank do? It does what any other tank would do, which is store a required resource, in this case, compressed air. The pump does its job and creates air that is pressurized. This pressurized air is then directed into the tank from which high speed air can be draw to do a variety of tasks.

When looking at a compressor tank, some features to note are

  • Size of the tank.
  • The presence of the tank.
  • Tanks are present but no pumps.

First, let us share with you information about compressors that do not come with a tank at all. For those to whom portability is the key, there are air compressors out there which where the compressed air is directly fed into the air tool. Such compressors are ‘always on’ devices in that they have to be running in order to be supply compressed.

Then there are compressors, majority of them, which come with a tank fitted. Tanks are measured in capacities of five, ten, fifteen and more gallons. The good thing about getting a bigger tank is that you can use the compressor to do more work for longer durations without having to wait for the pump to refill the tank. The bad part is that with each increasing quantity, the price of the tank keeps increasing so does the amount of space it takes up.

There are also that are tanks that are designed to be picked up taken to places where work needs to be done, but there is a lack of electricity. These tanks are usually of large quantity, above ten gallons, but smaller sized tanks are also available. You will find that portable tanks also come with some design changes which make them easier to lift and be transported.