Best Portable Air Compressor for Work and Home

A standard question that everyone wants to ask and get to know about is – what is the best portable air compressor?

The truth is there is one compressor that can be called best compressor for everybody. This is because the needs of one person don’t always match up with the needs of the next person.

Despite that being the case, all air compressor share basic design features. A general understanding of these features will help you in choosing your best air compressor.

  • Obviously, we are looking for portability here. Compressors may claim they are portable but are they truly portable for you? True portability is a combination of movement and weight. The statistics to look at in this scenario is how much does the device weight. The lower is the weight, the easier it is to carry.
  • Usually, it is better to opt for compressors that can be lifted and carried off. Such compressors would have a better weight distribution and will usually make noise. Of course, such air compressors would be of lower capacity.
  • If you need higher capacity and portability too, many models will come with wheels. The best air compressors would perform beautifully while also have the best set of wheels. You could be moving the compressor from one location to another location, on different types of terrain. The wheels would have to be sturdy and allow for easy movement.
  • The attached gadgets like lights, switches, plug connectors and gauges make for a good compressor.

Portable compressors will sometimes be used at night time or in places where is not enough light. Having a compressor with built in light will make it more useful. Also, the gadgets should be readable and yet be small. The compressor must have multiple power connector options as well.