Bostitch Air Compressor

The Bostitch air compressor is one of the best air compressor toolkit is available in the market at cost-effective prices. The toolkit package of the air compressor consists of a 2 inch 18 gauge Brad Miller, a single air compressor along with half inch 16 gauge finish nailer. The user is also provided over 500 extra finish nails and Brad nails along with a tool lubricant. The package also includes a contractor’s bag so that the user can keep everything in place.

The included air compressor comes with HP 2.0 compressor and a gallon tank of 6 L. The complete air compressor weighs about 38 pounds. The brad nailer can handle brads up to 18 gauge and it weighs just over three pounds. The magazine of the air compressor can hold over 80 nails. The compressor produces a maximum psi of over 104 compressor which weighs less than 35 pounds the performance is quite impressive.

The big 6 gallon tank allows the Bostitch air compressor to run for longer stretches and the oil free Palm does not require any type of maintenance. Moreover the drain valve which comes in the ball type style makes the air compressor extremely efficient. A composite material has also been included to prevent any type of damage to the air compressor. The most impressive part of the air compressor is that it reduces less than 70 dB of some and hence it is considered to be much quieter than most of the other air compressors available in the market.

Bostitch is known for production of quiet air compressors but while using this air compressor it is always best to wear ear protection especially for long duration usage. The Bostitch air compressor is one of the best products for any individual who is also home owner and is on the lookout for a cost-effective compressor.