Campbell Hausfield Air Compressor

Campbell Hausfield is what we would like to think as a complete air based solutions provider. Unlike so many of the other compressor manufacturers, they do not confuse their customers by not making it clear if a particular compressor is for home or commercial use. Campbell Hausfield go the extra mile and have dedicated products that are clearly set out to be for home use and for commercial use.

Beginning with the home range of compressors, they have basic 1 gallon products that can be used for basic home use like inflation of inflatable dolls, pillows and beds. Further they also have compressors that are specifically designed for a variety of home activates like automobile maintenance and for those like to build wood based items, wood working specific compressors too.

For commercial users, they provide over ten models of air compressors, with the minimum capacity being eighty gallons. The highest capacity models come with a capacity of one hundred and twenty, which is by far the largest offering across all compressor manufactures.

As befits a good compressor offering company, you will find that all the products have a high pressure rating and of course good flow rates of CFM which can go from something as little as two CFM to more than fifty CFM in case of the larger, commercial grade products.

Oddly enough, we could not find anything worth highlighting as a negative about Campbell Hausfield. It is probably the best air compressor company out there. They have a fantastic distribution network and you can an on line direct store as well. They provide all the compressor accessories and air based tools. Further, they have an impressive service network dedicated to Campbell Hausfield compressors.

We cannot imagine a better equipped air compressor tool company than Campbell Hausfield from which you should buy air compressor products.