Common Air Compressor Parts

People today can require a lot of different types of hardware products in their day to day lives. These hardware products can be used in order to carry out a lot of different types of processes and functions. These people should have a level of awareness before availing these different types of hardware products.

Among the many different types of products which are available in the market today, many different kinds of people can see that they are getting a lot of different types of benefits from the many different kinds of air compressors which are available in the market today.

Before actually buying these air compressors, people should make it a point to get to know the different kinds of air compressor parts which go into the making of an air compressor. If a person gathers enough information regarding the different components of an air compressor, these people can save up on a lot of money, time and effort when these appliances break down or develop any kinds of defects.

Some of the major parts and components of an air compressor include the following:

Air Filter

These air filters are extremely important for the different types of air compressors. These parts can help to protect the system from dust and dirt. Dust and dirt can get deposited in an air compressor when it is switched on. These air compressors are such that they can get worn out if these parts gather a lot of dust over time. People should clean the air filters on a regular basis in order to avoid problems with the machine. The dust capacity, extraction efficiency and flow rate should be judged before buying an air compressor or an air filter.

Pressure Switch

This part of an air compressor is extremely vital for the functioning of the machine. This part is also prone to being broken easily. People should make sure that the different pressure switches are of a high power rating. This can make it easier for the air compressor to function in high capacities. Also the pressure band should have a high range. This will give more flexibility to the air compressor and will help it in carrying out tasks of varying degrees.

Oil Filter

These parts are found more often in larger compressors. These parts are responsible for making sure that the oil which is used in the air compressor is filtered and is free from dirt and grime. Also oil filters with bypass valves are better suited for these tasks. This is because this type of filter will allow the oil to pass freely.

Compressor Oil

The correct type of compressor oil is necessary because it helps the different types of people to make sure that the air compressor runs smoothly.

Compressor Valves

Compressor valves are necessary because they can be used to control the flow and power of the machine.


The motor is the heart of the air compressor and is the most important among the different air compressor parts.