Husky Air Compressor

Husky is a brand name that is owned by Home Depot and provides home usage tools and air compressors is on those products. Since this particular brand is owned by Home Depot, it is not possible for a shopper to buy it from anybody else. If you are already a regular shopper of Home Depot, then that trust factor will possibly play a big role in choosing husky compressors.

We will begin our discussion on Husky with the gallon capacity, and husky has all of them covered. You have compressors that are heavy duty at eighty and sixty gallon capacity. You also have medium range offerings that come with capacity of twenty and thirty gallons. Home users with limited needs aren’t excluded from the party either for there are low gallon capacity models of three and four gallons that are part of the Husky line of compressors.

The cut off pressure for the smallest model is pretty high at 125, with the larger models possessing a cut off capacity of 155, which makes perfect sense and goes with the increased gallon capacity. You can expect SCFM rates of 14 and above on the higher end models with smallest model clocking in at just above 2 SCFM.

The products themselves are designed to look great, but the only drawback of Husky’s is also its biggest gain. The drawback is that if you are not a Home Depot customer, than you may not be extremely happy about changing your shopping habits to include Home Depot. If you are already a Home Depot regular customer, then you will appreciate the extended convenience. Further, the way the products are presented on the website, and the online shopping experience make buying Husky products simple. We would whole heartedly recommend Husky products to both Home Depot and non-Home Depot customers.