Air Compressor Buying Guide: Know Your Options

People can require many different kinds of hardware machines in their day to day lives. These people can get a lot of different kinds of benefits from the different hardware machines which are available in the market today.

Some of these different machines are such that they can help these people in a lot of functions, which would have otherwise made it necessary for them to visit the professionals and this would lead to an unnecessary expenditure of money, time and effort. Among the different kinds of hardware machineries, an air compressor can prove to be extremely essential in the lives of many different kinds of people.

These people are such that they can use the different kinds of air compressors for many different purposes in their day to day lives. But, buying an air compressor should be considered as a one time investment. This makes it necessary for the different people to do a lot of research before buying the air compressor. This air compressor buyer guide can help an individual make sure that he is availing the right product which can suit his needs to the fullest.

The main working principle of all kinds of air compressors depend upon the conversion of energy from one form to another. In these types of air compressors, the mechanism is such that they can draw power from different sources such as electrical motors, diesel powered engines or gas powered engines.

These machines convert this power into kinetic energy in the form of the compressed air. This air can be released in a spontaneous manner or it can be stored for later use. This depends on the type of compressor which is used. Furthermore, most air compressors can be distinguished into two different types. These types are positive displacement and negative displacement.

Air compressors can be distinguished into many different kinds of varieties. These varieties can include:

  • Opperation and design: Reciprocating compressor, turbo compressor, rotary screw compressor
  • Number of stages: Multi stage compressor, single stage compressor
  • Pressure limits: Low pressure compressors, medium pressure compressors, high pressure compressors, super high pressure compressors
  • Capacity: High capacity compressors, medium capacity compressors, low capacity compressors
  • Method of cooling: Water cooled compressor, air cooled compressors

People should make sure that they are completely aware about all of the different kinds of compressors which are available in the market today. These people can get a lot of different kinds of benefits from the many different kinds of air compressors depending on their type and specification. From the list above, one can get to know what the different kinds of air compressors which are available today. This air compressor buyer guide makes it possible for people to identify that product which will suit their needs in the best possible way.

Portable Air Compressor: List of Product Reviews and User Ratings

You already are aware of what an air compressor does, so we are not going take your time explaining what these devices benefit your home. What we would like to share with you though, is the approach we take to give an expert perspective about what are features each device carries with it. Reviews will highlight the good and bad of each compressor. Each con or pro would be elaborated upon as to why we feel that way about a particular feature.

At the end of the feature analysis we conclude by opining if the asking price is justified.

The key factors that we look at while analysing a compressor are its cubic feet per minute or CFM, air tank capacity, fitted gadgets like pressure gauges and switches and finally safety features. Additionally we also look at the type of support options the company provides, additional maintenance related efficiencies, service options and ease of ordering accessories for said device.

Our primary focus will be on the tank capacity and cubic feet per minute. They are both so interconnected, it is difficult to imagine reviewing these two statistics separately. Please note that we are focussing on these two features but in no way do we mean that other aspects of the compressor will be ignored. Our logic is that if the capacity and capacity don’t add to up to make for a sensible usage pattern as marketed by the device manufacturer, then what good would it be if it has the most beautiful pressure gauge or light design of portability?

Once we are convinced that the pressure and capacity combo make for a meaningful intended application, we will move on to look at the associated gadgets like the gauges included and portability oriented features like attached lights. Portability gets in depth analysis, particularly for compressors that are designed to be used at commercial settings.