Porter Cable Air Compressor: Reviews and Ratings

Porter Cable compressors are popular among small businesses and home users. One reason for this particular image the company is probably owing to their focus on manufacturing tools that are designed with portability in mind, which gels with domestic minor commercial usage.

A quick look at their offerings give us a few insights about their primary features. The minimum tank size that Porter has to offer is one gallon, and the largest offering from them is eighty gallons that are spread across more than a dozen models. It is clear that they have covered every possible usage scenario. Most of their compressors have a pressure rating which cuts off at levels between 105 PSI and 145 PSI.

As far as air delivery is concerned, at a PSI rating of 40, you can expect delivery rates that range from just a single SCFM to 16 SCFM. In the case the PSI rating of 90, you can expect delivery rates that start at 0.75 SCFM and end as high as 14 SCFM.

From the specs alone, it is fairly clear that the Porter Cable models are clearly not meant to be used commercially. Even if you are running a small business and Porter Cable compressors seem to meet your modest requirements, we would still suggest that you look elsewhere for a business operation compressor.

For home users though, Porter Cable is one of the best alternatives available. One thing which caught our fancy was the overall look of all the compressors. The bright red colouring looks great and the finishing is superb. The pressure ratings mentioned are just enough for any air tool that you use at home and all the models, even the larger ones are meant to be moved around. All of Porter Cable models are built to be rugged and be mobile, which is a great feature.