Puma Air Compressor

Puma air compressors is a compressor that clearly has a more industrial focus than the usual dual focus that almost all air compressor offers seem to have. Which means, right away, we would like to say that this may not be the brand to choose from, if you are looking for air compressor for domestic activities like inflation and auto maintenance.

If you are part of commercial unit, then Puma should be contender for your air compressor needs. Starting off with the gallon capacity, they have the smallest air tank at one gallon and the largest tank at one hundred and twenty gallons. The only other company that offers such a large tank compressor is Campbell Hausfield.

Most of the compressors from Puma have a cut off of at least one hundred and fifty PSI. Some of the compressors even go as high as one hundred and seventy five, which may not be needed for most applications but they offer such compressors anyway. Very few compressor companies offer such a high cut off PSI, so in many ways, if you are looking for high PSI pumps, this may be your only choice.

The only negative factor that we could think of with respect to PUMA is that they seemed to have a very commercial and industry based focus. They have no direct purchase options and in many ways they do seem to focus that much on retail customers at all. So, if you are a home and commercial user, you will have to retain Puma only for your commercial needs while looking elsewhere to take care of your domestic requirements.

For commercial customers, this is an excellent compressor company that makes some of the most heavy duty air compressors. You have both single stage and two stage compressors for heavy duty work and the high tanks are even certified as ASME, which means they are industry standard.