Ridgid Air Compressor

What separates Rigid from other compressor manufacturers is that they are a much smaller company. They have a limited range of products as well as accessories. A quick investigation into their product range shows that they have exactly seven air compressors to offer. They seem have to have a narrow and specific on home and small business users. This is clear from the technical specs of the air compressors that are coming out of the house of Rigid.

Starting with the gallon capacity, we find that the smallest gallon offering from Rigid is set at two and half gallon. The largest tank they offer is nine gallons. If you are looking for something that is really small – one to two gallons – you won’t find it here. Nor will you find something larger like twenty, thirty or eighty gallons, options that are available from other compressor makers like Craftsman and Porter Cable.

When it comes to air pressure, all of the compressors have a maximum cut off at 150. It looks like what the rigid compressors lose in variety, they make up for it with a higher pressure rating. As it always follows with a higher pressure rating, you can expect SCFM which is well above 3 in all of these models.

While the limited options may put you off, a stand out feature of these compressors is how well they look. The compressors boast of a unique wheelbarrow design and all of them brushed with a pleasant looking orange colouring which makes them look really good. All the compressors come with built in control panel and they are well laid out and easy to read. Even the highest capacity air compressors are easy to be lifted and carried around, which makes them the best choice for home users who want medium capacity compressors.