Air Compressors and Tools

Have you thought of a good air compressor for professional work and in your place of residence?

Basically an air compressor is a mechanical gadget which increases air pressure by reduction in its volume. Through the device, air is compressed inside a tank. There are a number of tools that are powered by the compressor. These tools are used not just in the traditional work environment like in workshops and garages but they are also used increasingly by artists.

The air compressor is mainly an energy conversion device as the compressed air which is stored in the tank is simply stored energy. After the air gets compressed, energy is stored and after the expansion of the compressed gas, that energy gets released to do stuff which is useful like driving a nail gun or a socket wrench. They are also used for blowing up the rafts and intertubes. They are available in portable as well as stationary sizes.

There is a mind boggling variety of air compressors that are available. They are available in a variety of shapes, tank capacity, sizes and power.

The different types of compressors are- reciprocating, rotary screw, diagonal/ blended flow, centrifugal, axial stream and scroll compressors. Pistons pushed by crankshafts are used in case of reciprocating compressors. In case of rotary and scroll compressors helical screws are used through which air is driven into a smaller house and the principle behind the working of a centrifugal or combined compressor is that the speed of air is raised for extending the pressure.

The choice regarding compressor will be mainly determined by the purpose. If you happen to be an artist or are a painter who is willing to power a spray gun then a compressor which is small and portable will be serving you. On the other hand, if you are willing to get pneumatic power tools driven then it will be necessary to have something that is delivering power compressors. Again it is possible to classify the three different categories on the basis of their size, portability and power. These three compressors are shop compressor, trim compressor and the portable compressor.

Have you got confused and dazed because of making a choice between home air compressors? It is time to think and make a comparison of the different points that are given in this article.

The first step is regarding the decision concerned with the purpose of using the compressor and the place where it will be used. You have to see whether you want to use the compressor indoors or if you want to use it outdoors. You have to also see that whether you are going to use it for lengthy projects or for blowing up your tire or football.

These compressors are available not only in a number of sizes and shapes but also in a number of horsepower strengths and power supplies. For instance, little space is taken up by those which are portable and these are ideal for being used at home but they will be required to run for the duration for which your project is running.

This is alright if you have minor needs. But, if you are thinking of undertaking any long term projects in the future then it will be necessary to make considerations regarding storage capacity. It will be required to think about the compressor’s horse power if you are going to make use of compressor tools like air nailers or an air sander.

In terms of acceptability, the horse power should be one and a half times the requirements of your tools. If the horse power available with you is much less, then you have the risk of getting less power when you need it. on the other hand, it might be the case that you are getting too much power and ultimately you are paying for a huge amount of power that you do not need.

Are you in need of such a compressor that will be doing outdoor jobs also that need more power and more air flow than that required by an average person using it at home? If it is so then you might consider buying a system powered by gas that has a greater air flow or you could think of buying CFM and it will be required to have such a system which has a storage capacity that is decent.

If it is so that you have less demanding needs then you might consider buying one which is portable and which is electrically powered. Such a system will be enough for you and you can do your job without much difficulty. You should be selecting one that has a rating which is one and a half times greater than that of the accessories pertaining to the air tool. If you buy something more sophisticated and complicated then you might be wasting money.